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The Vegas Mini Baja Chase Dune Buggy

The Off-Road Dune Buggy Chase Through high Desert Dunes

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with our premier Off-Road Adventure Tour in the Las Vegas area – the Vegas Mini Baja Chase. Not for the faint-hearted, this fast-paced thrill ride has been showcased on various TV networks worldwide and hailed by Rolling Stone Magazine as “Sin City’s Best Near Death Experience!” Unlike slow-paced sightseeing tours, this is a high-octane pursuit where you’ll be chasing one of our expert Dunies through the rugged terrain.

At SunBuggy, we prioritize your safety and ensure an exhilarating experience by limiting the chase to less than 7 cars per Dunie. Brace yourself for an intense ride over aggressive and challenging terrain, including dunes, gravel, hills, valleys, and more, at the Vegas Dunes Off-Road recreation area. Strap into our custom buggies equipped with full roll cages and 4-point harnesses, and get ready to take the wheel with only gas, brake, and steering controls – just like driving your automatic car, but with an adrenaline twist.

Located just 15 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, spanning 15,000 acres of diverse high desert landscape, this adventure puts you in control without a “Racing Driving Coach” beside you dictating your speed. We provide all necessary gear, including helmets, goggles, gas, and cold bottled water, with no hidden fees.

Choose from our timed event options: 1/4 Chase for 30 minutes, 1/2 Chase for 60 minutes, or go all out with a full 120-minute chase. Whether you opt for a quick thrill or an extended rush, the Vegas Mini Baja Chase promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you amped and craving more. Book now and live like there’s no tomorrow!

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